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Running a successful business requires keeping many balls in the air simultaneously, with one of the most crucial being the company’s financial health. Handling this complex aspect of business operations often requires the expertise of certified professionals.

Clear Accounting Firm, an established CPA firm serving Burlington, VT, is one of the top firms in the region. With a team of dedicated professionals, we are committed to providing expert accounting and bookkeeping services that cater to your specific business needs.

Our Tax Accountants Will Prepare & File Your Company's Tax Returns

Tax preparation and filing can be daunting tasks. Our CPA tax accountants serving Burlington, VT, are here to take this burden off your shoulders. We ensure that your tax returns are prepared accurately and filed timely to keep you in compliance with the IRS.

Staying updated with tax laws and regulations is crucial to avoiding potential penalties. Our tax accountants maintain up-to-date knowledge of these changes, allowing them to provide you with expert tax advice and planning strategies.

When you choose Clear Accounting Firm, you’re not just getting a tax accountant, you’re getting a partner dedicated to your financial success. As one of the best firms, we strive to understand your business operations, tailoring our tax preparation and filing services to fit your needs.

We respond to all client enquiries in 2 days or less (even during tax season)

You need your questions answered now, not next week. That’s why we guarantee a 2-business day response time on any calls and emails. (and we almost always respond same day)

Do You Own a Small Business & Need Help With Accounting or Bookkeeping?

At Clear Accounting Firm, we understand that small business owners often wear many hats. Managing your accounting and bookkeeping can be challenging amidst other responsibilities. Our team provides reliable accounting and bookkeeping services, freeing up your time to focus on your core business activities. We also extend our services across Vermont. Ask about our bookkeeping services in Essex, VT for more information.
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Benefits of Hiring an Accountant

Hiring a professional accountant brings numerous benefits to your business. They offer expert financial advice, helping you understand your financial position and make sound decisions to propel your business forward.

Compliance and accuracy are crucial in accounting. Our accountants serving Burlington, VT ensure your financial records are accurate and compliant with statutory requirements. This not only minimizes errors but also reduces the likelihood of an audit.

Hiring an accountant also mitigates financial risks. They can identify potential financial issues before they become significant problems, saving your business money in the long run. Lastly, with an accountant handling your financial affairs, you gain peace of mind, knowing that your finances are in capable hands.

Important Accounting Documents That Every Company Needs Completed

The balance sheet is a critical financial statement that showcases a small business’s assets, liabilities, and equity. This snapshot of financial health is essential for both our accountants and your business’s stakeholders to assess the company’s financial position.

A cash flow statement is a vital document that tracks the flow of cash in and out of your business. It helps in understanding your company’s liquidity and financial flexibility, crucial for effective financial management.

Also known as an income statement, the profit and loss statement details your company’s revenues and expenses over a period.

Preparing and filing tax returns is a crucial task that our CPA firm handles with utmost precision. Accurate tax returns comply with legal requirements and ensure that your Burlington, VT business benefits from any available tax advantages.

Regular bank reconciliation ensures that your company’s financial records align with bank statements. This process, a part of our comprehensive bookkeeping services, is critical in identifying and rectifying any discrepancies.

Keeping detailed ledgers of accounts receivable and payable helps in monitoring the cash flow and financial obligations of your business. These ledgers are meticulously maintained as part of our accounting services to ensure accurate financial reporting.

Maintaining detailed payroll records is a legal requirement and crucial for internal financial management. These records, handled by our experienced accountants, are essential for accurate bookkeeping and tax purposes.

Rely on Our Team for the Best Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Burlington, VT

Choosing Clear Accounting Firm means opting for top-notch accounting and bookkeeping services for your Burlington, VT business. Our dedicated team of professionals provides personalized financial guidance that ensures your business thrives.

Don’t let the complexities of accounting and bookkeeping hinder your business growth. Reach out to us today. We’re here to support your financial success and ensure that your financial affairs are managed with expertise, precision, and dedication.