How to find your voice and make your content stand out

Over the years I’ve trained dozens of editors and writers. 

There’s always one question that comes up time and time again.

You see, when it comes to marketing your online business, writing is everything.

Blog posts, email copy, landing pages, ad copy, video scripts – it’s everywhere.

Bad writing is just noise. Emails get deleted, landing pages get skimmed, and ads get ignored. 

On the other hand, good writing is memorable. It pulls your readers in. Makes them take the next step. 

Put simply, good writing makes you money. 

Yet most online business owners never do any formal writing training. So it’s no wonder they often ask me: 

“How do I find my voice when writing?”

For reasons I’ll show you, this is both a good question and a bad question. 

When people ask how to find their voice, they’re really asking: 

 “How do I stand out?”

In a world where 867 million tweets are posted every day, and more than 1 BILLION videos get viewed on TikTok each day, it’s hard to stand out online. 

Everybody’s creating content. There are no barriers. Take out your phone, write a short tweet, hit post, and congratulations, you’re a content creator.

But this ease of creation has led to an influx of lame content.

Half-baked blogs, meaningless tweets, uninspiring emails. I’m sure you’ve seen it. 

But the solution to standing out isn’t as ‘secret’ or as hard as you think…

It’s not about the latest algorithm hacks, or latest content types (although these can help!). 

The answer to standing out is simple…

Focus on quality

Quality content HELPS your readers. 

It’s written for your readers, not yourself. 

It’s easy to read and engaging. 

It’s trustworthy. 

Which brings me back to the question…

“How do I find my voice?”

You don’t.

Your voice is just your personality, in writing.

Imagine being told “find your personality?”

Silly, right?

And imagine TRYING to have a personality? That’s the opposite of authenticity. 

Your voice is the result of your writing process. 

It’s not something you try to do. It’s who you are, authentically, in writing. 

To let your voice shine, write like you talk. 


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Here are the other fundamentals that’ll help your voice shine through:

1. Write clearly and concisely

I doubt you talk in riddles so don’t write in them.

Write so simply, a 6th grader could understand it.

Tools like MS word FK score and Hemingway App can help you achieve this. 

2. Prove everything you say

In a world full of online strangers, there are lots of people making false claims about what they can or have achieved. 

It’s essential to prove everything that you say in your writing. Build trust with your readers by backing up everything.

3. Use short sentences, mostly

Notice the length of sentences in this blog?

They vary. 

Some are 2 words, and others are 20+ words, but the goal is to keep them choppy and flowing.

Next time you’re in a conversation, listen to how you and others speak. You’ll realize that people do this naturally. 

Focus on sharpening your writing skills, not finding your voice

In Stephen King’s ‘A Memoir of the Craft’, he describes how writers are like artisans with a toolbox full of tools ready to use.

Grammar, clarity, and structure – these are tools you already have at your disposal. 

The key to getting better at writing is not about finding your voice. It’s a case of taking these tools and using them regularly to avoid them going rusty. Doing so will keep them polished and your mastery of them will improve. 

Hope this helps.

Until next time,

Dan Steinhardt CPA

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